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The UBJ Managing Board is deeply concerned about the opinions and statements, expressed by some prosecutor’s circles and several organizations, as well as by the sole candidate for the position of a new Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria himself, is written in a special Declaration adopted by the UBJ Managing Board.

“Their attacks are against some critical media publications, concerning the nomination and election of a proper person for this so important position – Prosecutor General. Our opinion is that in such manner, the existing public concern about the democratic rule of the law in our country is further encouraging.”

“A very disturbing signal for the democratic development is that prosecutors thwart the freedom of expression by directing the media how they should reflect the events and by instilling in the audience a lack of tolerance and accountability in journalistic work. It is totally unacceptable for us to take such an approach and attitude towards critical journalism, especially by some professional circles and individuals whose duty is to be “watch dogs” of the freedom of expression, which is the main basic goal for defending the civil rights and freedoms.

We are concerned about the inspiration of fear and insecurity in our guild, thorough lack of transperancy in the influence driven by the public and private media, lobbying practices in media decision-making, the shifting value of journalism, the growing number of court cases to political persons against journalists, from the rude reactions of different parties against the expressed journalistic opinions and comments.

“It is outrageous that by all these circumstances, the UBJ proposals submitted to the Parliament, been maturing without such a decision without a three-year run by the Committee on Culture and Media.

We will also raise this issue with the European Parliament and seek the assistance of the new Media European Commissioner. 

The UBJ Managing Board is calling the entire journalistic college for unity and firm resistance against the all kind of attacks on our profession and freedom of expression.

The power of the democracy is on our side!”

UBJ Managing Board




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