International journalistic solidarity paves the way for one more peaceful and humane world

  • 08.09.2021
  • UBJ
  • Snezhana Todorova
Julius Fučík (1903-1943)

Let us be worthy of the covenant of the legendary Julius Fučik ‘People, I loved you, stay awake!’ It is Fučik’s memory that immortalizes the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists celebrated every September 8th.

2,658 journalists have been murdered around the world since 1990. 42of them were murdered in 2020. 235 media workers are currently behind bars.

The International Federation of Journalists published this statistics in thenextedition of its ‘White Paper’. We remind it again today, on September 8th, when we celebrate the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists in order to emphasize the huge need for this solidarity to be always strong and active.

Our college is an easy target for all kinds of encroachments all over the world. Thisis because of the main mission of our profession – to be the voice of the voiceless, to defend the public interest, human rights and fair causes, to reveal and defend the truth.

Honest journalists are often attacked by the ‘those who are in power’ who try to shut their mouths and directly destroy them, even physically.

The risky circumstances in which the journalistic work is exercised, especially coverage of wars, acute social conflicts, and natural disasters make our profession also one of the most dangerous ones.

That is why the journalistic solidarity is of primary importance - not only to help each other, but also to act jointly, responsibly, following high ethical principles, to lead humanity to dignified paths to a more peaceful, secure, calm, sustainable and humane world.

The mission is extremely difficult because we constantly face new challenges, global clashes, sudden tests including Covid-19 pandemic.

The impulse and inspiration to move forward can be found in the legendary phrase of the great journalist and antifascist Julius Fučík, which he used to end his ‘Notes from the Gallows’: ‘People, I loved you, stay awake!’

The date,which the International Organization of Journalists chose in 1958 as the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists, wasthe day of Fučík’sdeath, September 8th1943 when the Nazis executed him.

Colleagues, let us be worthy of the covenant and the example of Julius Fučik!


Chairperson of the UBJ Managing Board