Politicians have no right to attack journalists and sovereign – the people

  • 19.05.2021
  • UBJ
  • Snezhana Todorova

UBJ confirmsits position expressed many times in defence of the rights of journalists and journalistic work. The union stands principled in its constant assertion of ethical norms and high professional standards in journalism.

In the response to the interview of the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, BoykoRashkov in front of the presenters, BilyanaGavazova and ZlatomirYovchev and the subsequent comments in the public space, I would like to confirm the position of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, expressed many times, in defending the rights of journalists and journalistic work.

It is absolutely inadmissible for any authoritative factor, whether in politics or in the economy, and especially in the executive power, to attack journalists and even threaten them with dismissal because of questionshe did not like, or because hewas annoyed how they are put to him. The UBJ always condemns strongly such encroachments and violations of media freedom. We now confirm our principled position.

Every leader, who has held a responsible position in the government, is obliged to be aware of his duty and to be constantly in the spotlight of the society and the media.Moreover, in response,he should invariably show not only tolerance and patience in frustrating situations, but also he never violates the good, respectful tone in his statements and assessments.The high position not only does not give any rights to exceed these norms, but also sets even stricter requirements.

Unfortunately, we witnessed that the spokesperson of the caretaker government, Anton Kutevobviously forgot about it. He allowed himself in media appearance metaphors affecting the decent class of nurses - a professional community to which as a society we owe so much.

We call politicians and government officials to remember always that they are only employees of the sovereign - the Bulgarian people, who have temporarily given them the authority to work for the common good. They should never allow attack, rudeness, ridicule, neglect or thoughtlessnessto this sovereign in all its numerous persons - nurses, journalists, teachers, students, miners, farmers, actors, drivers, builders, etc. All of us, the people, are the real supreme power in Bulgaria!

At the same time, the UBJ stands principledin its constant assertion of ethical norms and high professional standards in journalism. We call the board to be tolerant towards any attempts to "use" representatives of our wonderful profession for purposes other than journalism.It is the duty of our entire guild to clean up our public image, which still bears the stigma of "turkeys", so cynically and brutally attached by the former Prime Minister,BoykoBorissov.It is time to step out of this shadow, if we really want a change in our insulting 112th position in terms of media freedom…


Chairperson of the UBJ Managing Board