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 Union of Bulgarian Journalists is the largest and most authoritative journalistic organization  in Bulgaria.  The Union is a voluntary association of Bulgarian journalists to protect their own professional, social and trade union rights and interests. The UBJ activity is targeted at the free exercise of the right to seek, receive and impart information, the right of free expression and dissemination awareness, as well as the  prevention of censorship.


The main goals of the Bulgarian Union of  Journalists are as follows:

1.promotion and enhancement the role of professional journalism in the society; 2.adherence to professional standards and rules of professional ethics;3.providing and protection the freedom, independence and autonomy of of the media,4.expressing the common interests of Bulgarian journalists to government, municipal and business authorities and all other bodies in Bulgaria and abroad;5/developing and expanding the international cooperation in the field of professional journalism.


The Governing body of  UBJ is the Managing Board. The members of the UBJ are around 4500 journalists, united in 155 societies throughout the country


.Еvery year, on the occasion of November  1st - the Day of Bulgarian Revival Leaders, UBJ handed the Annual journalism awards, as well as the  highest award "The Golden Pen". With celebrations -  under the auspices of UNESCO -  in 2014 Union of Bulgarian Journalists marked 170 years Bulgarian journalism and  120 years organized journalistic movement in the country


Union of Bulgarian Journalists has established contractual relationships with journalistic organizations from 51 countries. The priorities of the international activities  has always been the relations and cooperation with journalists' unions from the Balkan countries. UBJ was a partner in a  joint project with the Union of Journalists of Northern Greece, based in Thessaloniki. The project was granted by the trans-border cooperation programs - "INTERREG-2." Very fruitful relationship we have with "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation - Germany. The contacts with journalists from several countries are implemented within the events at European Federation of Journalists and  with International Federation of Journalists. .

Taking into consideration the traditions and capabilities of our union, we have assumed also some social and trade union functions. During a lot of meeting with representatives of the employers, as well as with members of the executive, legislative and judicial authorities we have placed the protection of journalistic work and journalistic  rights.Union of Bulgarian Journalists owns recreation facilities in the cities of Varna, Bankya and  Batak. There are wonderful conditions for carrying on different kind of international and national creative events, seminars and conferences, as well as for a complete vacation of USB members and journalists from abroad.


Mrs. SNEZHANA TODOROVA – President of the Managing Board of the UBJ

Mr. IVAN VARBANOV – Secretary General of the UBJ


Union of Bulgarian Journalists offers the publishers of the very new Bulgarian Satiric newspaper "Pras-Press" to disseminate it in the "Sofia press” Agency Gallery bookstore.


More than ever 8th March must be a day of activities for all our affiliates across the world to demand equality between women and men in our organisations, in our media and in our news content. It is our responsibility, as journalists and trade unionists, underlined the IFJ General Secretary in a call to all member-states journalists unions.


Italy is preparing a law which provides fines and imprisonment for distributors of incorrect and the exaggerated news and harsh remarks.


The EFJ/IFJ Authors’ rights expert group convened in Brussels on 6 February. The main issue on the agenda included the new EU directive proposal on copyright in the digital single market and its implication for authors.


The Executive Committee will be held on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April in Moscow, hosted by our Russian affiliate, the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ).


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns German freelance cameraman Christian Gesellmann’s violent arrest by police officers while covering an anti-government demonstration in Bucharest night. The police hit Gesellmann and held him for several hours for refusing to delete or surrender t


Protecting the identity of sources is a cornerstone of journalistic practice, but it is being systematically undermined around the world by the electronic surveillance of reporters.


“Trustworthy journalism will be essential in the upcoming 4 years and we wish our colleagues reporting on the ground strength, luck and solidarity”, said the IFJ President Philippe Leruth.


Anthony Bellanger, General Secretary of the IFJ: “While careful planning remains the most important part of newsgathering, no media worker should be excluded from access to a decent and global insurance covering all risks. The IFJ has been working with ‘Insurance for Journalists’ to offer an affordable comprehensive insurance scheme for all our affiliates’ members worldwide”.


A Reporters Without Borders (RSF) delegation flew to Istanbul to attend the trial of its Turkey representative, Erol Onderoglu, which resumes tomorrow, and to show support for Turkey’s journalists, the targets of an unprecedented crackdown.


 Акценти и позиции

По повод многобройни сигнали за продължаващи нарушения на правата на журналисти в различни български медии, като например неизплащане на договорени възнаграждения или внасяне на осигуровки върху по-ниски суми от реалния доход, разговаряме с председателя на УС на СБЖ Снежана Тодорова

23.03.2017 /12:38

Председателят на УС на СБЖ Снежана Тодорова изразява възмущението си от опита високите професионални постижения на известната българска журналистка Елена Йончева да бъдат атакувани голословно с цел търсене на политически дивиденти от страна на бившия министър-председател Бойко Борисов.

14.03.2017 /16:22

Съюзът на българските журналисти предлага на издателите на сатиричния вестник „Прас прес” да го разпространяват в Галерията-книжарница на Агенция „София Прес”.

08.03.2017 /15:04


Голословните обвинения на един бивш премиер срещу една ненадмината по класа българска международна журналистка наистина плачат за достоен отговор в съда

13.03.2017 /11:48 | Автор: Къдринка Къдринова | Източник: СБЖ

Голям праз се оказа излизането от печат на новия сатиричен вестник „Прас Прес“, след като стана възможно първият брой да изчезне и да не стигне до будките дори. Голям праз, от който се уплашиха не един и двама. И който вероятно продължава да буди като кошмар също не един и двама.

05.03.2017 /19:50 | Автор: Майя Любомирска | Източник: СБЖ


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